Learning Disability Workshops

Adults who have a learning disability benefit from our music workshops with the use of music as a means of communication, self expression and interaction.

Music workshops can help to:

  • Increase motivation
  • Empower people by offering choices
  • Encourage and stimulate physical movement and co-ordination

“Music in Motion provides music therapy to Quarriers Glasgow Group Activities every week and the adults with learning disabilities who attend this thoroughly enjoy their time there. The music is engaging and changes every week so there’s a lot of variety. The group members are offered to choose which music instrument they would like to play and if they would like to get up to dance. As well as enjoying singing and dancing, the group members also take part in a quiz and relax to classical music. The group members look forward to Music In Motion each week.” Eilidh Swatton, Group Development Worker, Quarriers Glasgow Group Activities

  • sharing and answering of musical phrases gives experience of ‘conversation’
  • releases frustration from a previous lack of verbal communication
  • rhythm of music can help stimulate movement
  • developing motor skills and the co-ordination of muscle patterns needed for walking etc.
  • improving social skills such as turn-taking
  • reducing isolation by creating a normalised social context
  • enabling shared experience
  • allows exploration and expression of feelings
  • develops confidence and self esteem through sense of achievement

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